An immersive learning and networking experience QART Summer School

QART Annual Summer School

The QART Annual Summer School is a week-long series of conferences and workshops at the end of every August. The unique, immersive learning experience brings together all QART fellows, connecting them with 35+ mentors from diverse sectors & disciplines.

The summer school offers QART fellows a comprehensive overview and understanding of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions, while supporting them in their career development.

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Summer School Speakers 2021

Dr. Annette Majnemer
Scientific Director

Rachael Bedford
Associate Professor
University of Bath, UK

Mayada Elsabbagh
Associate Professor, McGill University
TACC Director

Mandy Steiman
Clinical Psychologist, Azrieli Centre for Autism Research

Dr. Majnemer is a Professor and Vice Dean Education, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University. She is the Scientific Director of CHILD-BRIGHT, a CIHR SPOR Network focused on children with brain-based developmental disabilities and their families.

I am interested in characterising trajectories of typical and atypical development.

Dr. Mayada Elsabbagh is Associate Professor in Neurology and Neurosurgery at The Neuro of McGill University. Her research focuses on understanding the root causes of autism and tracing its developmental pathways.

Mandy Steiman, PhD is a clinical psychologist. She works at the Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) through The Neuro, and at ACAR’s satellite site at the Montreal Chidren’s Hospital.

Knowledge Transfer in Autism Research

“For me knowledge means having tools to navigate life. My job as a parent is to get the tools I need to raise my child, and that’s where knowledge transfer is crucial.”

Geneviève Côté Leblanc
Knowledge Transfer Expert and Summer School Speaker

Exploring Alternative Careers in Science

“From my perspective, its never been enough to stay in the lab. What is more important is to make sure that the families can access the results, that services are put in place for them.”

Andy Shih, Senior Vice-President
Public Health and Inclusion Autism Speaks