Recognizing trainee excellence QART Awards

QART Enrolment Fellowships

This is a one-year scholarship ranging from $20,000-48,000 depending on level (graduate, post-doctoral fellow, professional), disbursed anytime during the 3 years of QART enrolment. The scholarship rewards the excellence of trainees selected for QART and enhances their ability to obtain other competitive awards. Holders of another competitive scholarship can enroll in the QART program, but must decline the scholarship.

TACC Trainee Committee Members Awards

In addition to the QART Enrolment Fellowships, these are 3 supplementary awards of 10,000$/year for Trainees who join TACC Committees. The trainees are supervised by Chairs of permanent TACC Committees: Quebec 1000 Families (Q1K), QART, and the Community Engagement Committee.

These awards are designed to enhance trainee engagement in the strategic directions of the network.

QART Prizes

Every year, QART awards 10-12 one-time prizes of $50-$100.

QART Prizes enhance trainee visibility across the network, for example at the Pre-Insar Blitz, QART Summer School, etc.

QART Special COVID-19 Call (2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the lives of all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows by disrupting their studies, research and career paths. The Special Call aimed to mitigate these impacts for QART fellows by offering an additional 1-year of funding.