Mayada ElsabbaghNetwork Director

    Mayada Elsabbagh is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Canada. Mayada’s research, in the area of early infancy and developmental disorders, is focused on understanding the brain basis of behavioural genetic disorders. Her recent work has identified very early brain function markers for autism prior to the onset of behavioural symptoms. Prior to returning to Canada from the UK in 2011, she supported the successful launch of collaborative research networks including BASIS and ESSEA, aimed at accelerating the pace of discovery in early autism.

    Mayada is active in the area of knowledge translation locally and internationally. She managed the Knowledge Translation portfolio for NeuroDevNet, a Canadian national Network of Center’s of Excellence. She chairs the International Society for Autism Research Special Interest Group on Early Identification and Intervention. Mayada was the recipient of the 2010 UK Economic and Social Research Council Neville Butler Memorial Prize for Longitudinal Research awarded in recognition of the public value and social relevance of her research.