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QART Trainees and TACC Student Members Learn about EEG from QART Alumnus Dr. Stefon van Noordt

October 27th, 2020

QART trainees welcomed their fellow alumni, Stefon van Noordt, PhD, Cohort 1, for an interactive workshop titled: Navigating and Interacting with EEG Data. Thirty TACC students and QART trainees joined the three-hour workshop to learn about the characteristics of EEG and ERP signals, the collection and interpretation of their respective data, and some tools to help data analytics, including EEG-specific statistical methods.

TACC wishes to thank trainees Scott Huberty (Cohort 1), Samantha Wong (Cohort 2) and Audrey Murray (Cohort 1) for their hard work in organizing this workshop, and for their consistent display of strong drive and initiative.

Trainee-led workshops are designed to not only develop the knowledge of our students on subjects they already are familiar with, but to show them the inherent diversity of the autism research field. We are proud of the vibrancy and ambition of our trainees along with their significant ability to seek out opportunities to broaden their horizons.


  • Students were presented with top-of-the-line, fresh methods of analysis for their future endeavors regarding EEG- and ERP-related studies
  • Students were tested on their newly acquired knowledge regarding EEG data collection and analysis through polling
  • An eye-opening question period took place where students were provided with the opportunity to engage with each other and Dr. van Noordt.

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