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QART Trainee-led Workshop on Scientific Communcation

February 7th, 2020

A science communication workshop held by faculty lecturer Dr. Diane Dechief at the McGill Writing Center and organized by QART trainees. The interactive workshop covered topics including improvement of your presentation skills, the different media options for sharing science, and the experiences  that each of the attending students have had with science communication. Student feedback was overall positive and gathered in order to perfect the next workshop of this kind.


  • Organized by QART trainees Kirsty, Alexia, Hadas, and Tania
  • Joined by Dr. Diane Dechief as a keynote speaker
  • Pop-talks and interactive exercises on how to communicate science
  • Tips on how to improve your science communication skills, with a focus on the audience, purpose, organization, and style of what information you are trying to convey
  • Compared and contrasted science communication, knowledge translation, and outreach