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QART 3rd Annual Summer School

The QART Third Annual Summer School was held online from August 24th to 27th and counts as one of the major highlights of the network’s year. Our four-day program included over 30 local and international speakers, coming from a wide range of backgrounds, and for the first time, all three years with nearly 40 trainees in attendance.

The diversity of our speakers and their presentations was designed in an effort to emulate the reach of autism research into various fields, such as clinical practice, community engagement, and policy. The goal of our Annual Summer School is to showcase the different ways that autism is not only studied, but how trainees can orient their work to maximize its positive effect on those affected by ASD.

Feedback for the Third Annual Summer school was overwhelmingly positive, with multiple students expressing their gratitude for:

  • The presentation of topics that are not necessarily covered in other scientific events, such as “career development, writing skills, and knowledge translation”,
  • The expertise and skill of our speakers
  • The tremendous effort of the QART Program team to organize the entire event notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic.


We want to express our deep appreciation towards all speakers that took the time to present at our Summer School and engage with our students, and only hope that future events of the sort are as successful as this one.

To learn more about the QART program, please follow this link.