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Family Navigator Workshop 2018

The empowerment of caregivers is key to the quality of services children and youth with autism and other conditions receive. Family Navigators are professionals whose role is to empower families and enhance continuity of services they receive. Our workshop brings together key professionals from various community organizations across sectors (health, social services, education) who take on the role of Family Navigators. Our workshops build community capacity through knowledge exchange and professional development. The 2018 workshop theme is the intersection of autism and mental health.


  • Keynote Lecture by Dr. Yona Lunsky, CAMH
  • Expert panel of researchers, clinicians, and educators on Autism and Mental health at the Crossroads: Seeing the Whole Person
  • Research updates: CIHR Family Navigator Partnership in Health Systems Improvement
  • Interactive training on tools to assess and manage mental health problems in youth with autism

Partnered with

November 14, 2018
8:00 am – 4:00 pm 

Douglas Hall
Douglas Mental Health
University Institute
6875 Lasalle Boulevard,
Montreal QC H4H 1R3

By invitation

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