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Extended support for four QART fellows impacted by COVID-19

On July 31, the QART Committee awarded four trainees an additional year of funding, beginning September 1st, for their research. We extend our most heartfelt congratulations to Kirsty Ainsworth, Karen Lee, Véronique D. Thérien, and Mehdi Hooshmandi.

Applications for this supplementary grant came following a virtual meeting between members of the QART Advisory and trainees in June, where trainees were encouraged to shine a light on the impact of COVID-19 on their research. The QART Advisory appreciated the courage of trainees to not only discuss the repercussions of the pandemic on their professional lives, but on their studies and personal lives as well. Multiple students noted higher levels of anxiety due to academic stress and uncertainty. And so, the QART Advisory and the TACC directors sprung to action to develop a plan that would help relieve the stresses of the pandemic on their students, and thus coming to the decision to award some with additional funding.

Applicants were evaluated based on individual circumstances following the coronavirus outbreak, engagement and motivation with the network, prospective use of additional funds, and supervisor support.

As advocates for the development of Quebec’s autism research community, we at TACC remain committed to ensuring that our research trainees have everything they need to better our understanding of autism. We are proud to continue to protect the opportunities of our students as a strong and united network, no matter the circumstance.