The 2022 Partners for Change | Review Committee

TACC’s Partners for Change Review Committee plays a crucial role in the initiative

They review and make recommendations on projects that aim to directly benefit autistic individuals, families and the community. This is done in line with the program’s evaluation criteria.

Community needs are at the forefront of each step of Partners for Change

This includes the community representatives who form an integral part of the review committee. Review committee members enrich the initiative by using their diverse backgrounds, expertise and lived experiences to inform the review and selection process and ensure that the initiative reflects the community it serves in all aspects.

Committee members have backgrounds in academia, in research, as clinicians and as community advocates

From the Chair of the Committee who oversees and coordinates review panel evaluation, to members with lived-experience who ensure the community comes first, all play their part.

Partners for Change

This TACC initiative fosters and supports partnerships between researchers and experts in other sectors that address recognized community needs and have potential to improve quality of life for autistic people or people with related conditions, and their families.

Projects that are part of Partners for Change are guided by priorities identified by the community and the inclusion of diverse perspectives.