TACC in the News: What Do We Know About the Spectrum?

August 11th, 2021
Our Dr. Baudouin Forgeot D’Arc discusses what we know about the spectrum and autism research with Bien Entendu’s Stephane Bureau (interview in French).

New Article on the Learning Processes of Autistic Children

September 20th, 2021
New research by TACC members, Anne-Marie Nader, Domenico Tullo, Armando Bertone and Isabelle Soulières, looking at the learning processes of children with autism, and situations that promote learning.

TACC as Key Partner of New Autism Center

August 14th, 2021
By 2023, the new Giant Steps autism education center will offer a research and innovation center as well as educational opportunities for children and adults, in partnership with TACC.