Our Commitment to the Community

Our integration initiatives aim to connect all members of the autism community, showcase success stories, facilitate collaboration and partnerships, as well as support stakeholder engagement.

Our Network Membership

TACC invites all community members to join the network. Relevant news and various opportunities are shared with TACC members, and all are invited to participate and contribute to the network’s activities and events.

TACC membership categories

Regular researcher member
Independent researcher or independent clinical-researcher, as defined by the Fonds de la Recherche du Québec, conducting research in the field of autism or neurodevelopment.
Trainee member
Individual registered in university at the graduate or postdoctoral level who conducts research in autism or neurodevelopment.
Associate member
Member of community including clinicians, research personnel, undergraduate student, professionals, manager, policy-maker, autistic person, family member or other.

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is mandated to organize, advise on, and facilitate community engagement across network programs and activities.

CEC members


Aparna Nadig

TACC regular researcher member


Sylvie Lauzon

TACC associate member


Alexis Beauchamp-Châtel

Researcher member


Jeffrey McCrossin

Trainee member


Mathieu Giroux

Autistic member


Lucila Guerrero

Autistic member


Kouro-Mairam Baro

Community member

Community Engagement Events and Activities

The CEC, together with various partners, deploy initiatives focusing on the participation and engagement of members of the network and the community to strengthen and support intersectoral collaboration and outreach to community members and organization.

Autism Festival
Autism Festival
Events and activities that foster exchange, inclusion, visibility, engagement, information sharing and networking.
Partners for Change
Partners for Change
Fostering and supporting partnered research
Quebec 1000 Famillies
Quebec 1000 Famillies
Opportunity for engagement in a province-wide research initiative