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CASDA Canadian Autism Leadership Summit 2021 (CALS2021)

October 6th, 2021
Join CASDA in their 7th annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2021), one of the largest autism-related conferences in Canada. Each year, CALS is a meeting ground for experts from across the country, drawing Autistic people, service providers, researchers, policymakers, autism and disability-focused organizations, family members, caregivers, educators and more.
Building on previous Summits, CALS2021 will grow the momentum for change-making, focusing on linking policy, practice and data through hosting a series of stimulating panels! Fostering dynamic discussions, CALS2021 will continue advancing the development of a National Autism Strategy.

We are pleased to announce that this year, Myriam Beauchamp and Grant Bruno, both TACC members and QART fellows, will be participating in a panel titled “Navigating Language Use in Autism: Respect, Rights and Cultural Values,” which will begin at 2:00pm on October 6th. In this panel, Autistic people, parents, service providers and researchers come together to speak of the importance of language in the different contexts of autism, and why the discussion should be had now as we move forward with a National Autism Strategy. Also, a third QART fellow, Hadas Dahary, will be participating in a panel title “Moving from Strategy to Policy: Community Engagement on a National Autism Strategy from CASDA-KBHN Policy Fellows” at 3:30 pm. 

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