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Autism & Related Disorders in the Context of Humanitarian Emergencies

July 16th, 2020

On July 16, 2020, QART trainee Alaa Ibrahim and colleague Dr. Ramzi Nasir of the National Health Service, UK, led a special interest group for the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) titled Autism and Related Disorders in the Context of Humanitarian Emergencies. This webinar brought together 40 attendees from across the globe: researchers, clinicians, and individuals on the spectrum. Speakers Paul Wong, PhD, of Hong Kong University and Melissa Diamond, president at Global Voice for Autism discussed the impact of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations in Hong Kong and Syrian refugee groups in Jordan, respectively.

International, national, and local collaboration among peers is a chief objective of TACC’s. We strive to foster open platforms that promote discussion between any and all stakeholders: autism researchers, clinicians, and caregivers alike, and remain receptive to the sharing of new ideas.


  • Opened a call for submission and accepted three abstract presenters from both high- and middle-to-low-income countries to learn about their current research projects focused on the every-day life experiences of individuals with autism during COVID-19.
  • Outlined challenges and potential solutions regarding the limitations of telehealth and remote interventions, holistic care and creating priorities in serving families, early childhood development programs, and screening and identification.
  • Co-leaders Dr. Ramzi Nasir and Alaa Ibrahim are planning for a series of webinars open for wider audiences in the subsequent months.



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