Not long ago, we were given a challenge by prominent members of the autism community. These community members told us that, from their perspective, autism researchers across Quebec seemed to be working in competing silos, disconnected from real-world problems and they challenged us to work as a collective and to achieve impacts more powerful than what we could accomplish individually. We eagerly accepted this challenge. And today, we are proud to demonstrate that those very qualities that made us appear divided—our competitiveness, our intense interest in our respective fields, and our differing areas of expertise—are in fact some of our greatest strengths. TACC uses these strengths to build capacity for our community through research, training, and engagement.

As researchers, we are open and skeptical even of our own ideas. At our best, we recognize that humility is essential to advance knowledge. As we explored the challenge set to us by our community partners, we appreciated the idea that, for them, science is all about hope. They want to help us navigate the journey of scientific discovery, and to work together to turn hope into results.

This is the vision behind TACC. Our network creates the conditions that simultaneously promote discovery and accelerate translation, so that we can have transformative impact on the lives of people with autism and their families. Major knowledge gaps about autism remain in labs, clinics, classrooms, homes, and policy forums. Connecting complementary strengths and diverse perspectives through research is the most effective way to advance knowledge and use it to empower all of us to do better in our respective areas.

Through TACC, we have a unique opportunity to achieve collective impact, using the power of research to change lives. But we can only do this with your participation and support.

Welcome to your network!

Mayada Elsabbagh and Guy Rouleau, Co-Directors, TACC
Fabienne Samson, Manager, TACC

“Discovery favors the prepared mind.”
– Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895)