Our Governance


Executive committee: Directors, researcher members, honorary members.

  • Monitor network objectives progress;
  • Receive committees reports and recommendations;
  • Manage and monitor budget

Scientific committee: Directors, axis leads and researcher members.

  • Lead and monitor the common project (Q1K);
  • Approve and oversee network activities and programs;
  • Manage scientific and structuring initiatives.

External scientific advisory board: External experts on autism.

  • Advise and make recommendations on network activities and initiatives

Clinical referral committee: Medical doctors and research coordinators.

  • Oversee the clinical implementation of the Québec 1, 000 families project
  • Manage clinicians and family participation and satisfaction

Strategic axis

  • Genomics
  • Cellular and animal models
  • Brain development
  • Cognitive profiles

Shared ressources

  • Harmonized Provincial registry
  • Biobank
  • Database